Keeping track of everything and syncing all of your information for accessibility might be challenging given the variety of devices that each user has

This isn’t a problem, though, if you have a Windows computer and an Android phone.

Microsoft has improved the usability of syncing with the development of the Link To Windows and Phone Link apps

Discover all the procedures you must do to connect your Android phone to your Windows computer in the following paragraphs!

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Can an Android phone and a Windows computer pair?

It is possible to connect an Android phone to a Windows computer

This is accomplished via the Link To Windows mobile app, which is available on some Android smartphones.

The Link To Windows software for mobile devices then establishes a connection with the Link To Windows app for Windows PC

Since it is one of the primary components of the Windows program, the Link To Windows application ought to arrive pre-installed on your Windows computer.

You should be able to sync everything after you pair using the Link To Windows and Phone Link programs on your phone and Windows PC, respectively.

The ability to link with a Windows PC is not guaranteed on all Android phones, though.

Only the Surface Duo and Samsung Galaxy smartphones can currently connect to a Windows PC with full functionality.

The majority of other Android mobile devices can still connect to Windows PCs via the Link To Windows program, but as of this writing, they are only able to use a subset of the pairing functions.

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Which Android Smartphones Can I Use With The Link To Windows App?

Which Android smartphones are supported by the Link to Windows software, you’re probably thinking now?

If so, you shouldn’t be concerned.

You may look at a list of every compatible device for the Link To Windows mobile app that Microsoft has put up here.

There are four major sections to the list.

The first is a list of compatible devices that come pre-installed with the Link To Windows mobile app. In general, these are Android smartphones running version 9.0 or later from Samsung, Surface Duo, and HONOR.

Please be aware that just because the Link To Windows software isn’t pre-installed on your device doesn’t imply it isn’t supported.

The second is a collection of gadgets that enable screen synchronisation between your Android phone and a Windows computer.

The third is a collection of gadgets that allow you to sync your Android phone’s apps with those on your Windows computer.

The fourth is a list of gadgets that can use pairing software to facilitate RCS communications. However, your cell operator network and the nation you are in also play a role in this.

What if the link to the Windows application is not already installed on your phone?

Check the Android OS version installed on your phone first. You should be able to install the Link To Windows mobile application if it runs Android 7.0 or above.

The Link To Windows app, formerly known as the Your Phone app, was formerly accessible via specific shortened URLs that Microsoft provide

Both www.aka.ms/linkyourphone and www.aka.ms/linkphone were among these URLs.

They do not, however, function consistently at the moment.

Be at ease, though!

You may get the app by doing a simple Google Play Store search for “Link To Windows” or by clicking this link.

How Do You Connect an Android Phone to a Windows Computer?

You must first install the Phone Link application on your PC in order to couple your Android phone with your Windows computer. The Link To Windows app has to be configured on your phone after that.

To make it simpler to understand, we’ll divide this into two distinct portions.

On a Windows computer, how do you configure the Phone Link application?

You must first set up the Phone Link program before you can connect your Android phone to your Windows computer.

You may use these simple steps to install the Phone Link program on your Windows computer:

  • Ensure that your phone and computer are both logged into the same WiFi network.
  • Try searching for “Phone Link” in the search box on Windows.
  • Launch the Phone Link program.
  • Then choose to Get Started.
  • Click Continue after logging in with your Microsoft account.

A QR code will now appear on your PC’s screen. To pair with the Link To Windows app, you must scan this with your phone.

On an Android phone, how do you configure the link to a Windows application?

You may now connect your Android phone to your Windows PC if the Link To Windows software is already installed on your phone.

Follow these easy steps to install the Link To Windows app on your Android phone:

  • Launch the Link to Windows program.
  • To link your phone and computer, click.
  • Then click Next.
  • You will now have a few choices available to you:
  • Utilize the phone’s camera to scan the QR code on your Windows computer.
  • To view the QR code, go to www.aka.ms/yourpc or www.aka.ms/your-pc (but this does not always work consistently).
  • Select Sign-in with Microsoft by pressing the Back button.
  • Click Done after granting the required access and settings.

The pairing should now be verified with a message, which you should now see!

What Can You Do After Pairing an Android Phone and a Windows Computer?

Depending on how many features your phone supports, you will be able to accomplish a variety of things after pairing your Android phone and Windows PC.

You will be able to sync documents, photos, videos, contacts, messages, calls, alerts, and even certain programs if your phone is fully supported. We provide instructions on how to locate your stored stuff on Android phones if you can’t find your files.

Additionally, you’ll be able to mirror the screen of your phone, which is really useful.


Pairing the two devices should be incredibly simple thanks to the Phone Link app on your Windows PC and the Link To Windows app on your Android phone.

We hope you found this article useful.

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