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The social worker and healer Valeria Salazar is Action Bronson’s wife. Some publications claim that although the couple has not yet tied the knot, they are now cohabitating. Even a newcomer was welcomed into the life of the couple.

Let’s talk about this couple’s relationship as well as Valeria Salazar.

Action Bronson: Who is He?

Action Bronson was born on December 2, 1983, and his true name is Ariyan Arslani. He was born in Flushing, New York. As a rapper and TV personality, he is well-liked. The rapper is a talented cook as well, and one of his food-related series is called “Fuck, That’s Delicious.” He started working as a fine chef in New York after earning his degree in culinary arts. Then he debuted “Action in the Kitchen,” his cookery programme. The chef fell while cooking on the damp kitchen floor and fractured his leg.

After a short while, he began a career in the music business. On March 15, 2011, he released his debut album by himself. Then, on March 12, 2012, he made available his second mixtape. His favoured mixtapes include

  • Blue Chips
  • The Alchemist Rare Chandeliers
  • Blue Chips 2
  • Easy Rider

Who is the wife of Action Bronson?

Action The multi-talented Bronson is also outstanding in his personal life. Regarding his private life, there are a lot of unanswered questions. He had already fathered two children, and the identity of their mother is still unknown. According to some accounts, the mother of the two children is a lady from the West Indies. Elijah and Hannah are Bronson’s children after that.

He is now seeing Valeria Salazar, a new female. He had Valeria Salazar as his third child, and the two were blessed with a baby son named Benicio.

Action Bronson has been dating Valeria for a while. There is no information available regarding the couple’s relationship history or how they first connected. But the artist initially made the image public in 2015. Since then, Bronson has posted several pictures of Valeria on a regular basis.

Valeria Salazar: Who is she?

Valeria was created in New York. She is of Colombian descent. She is not like her partner in terms of her line of work. She is a therapist, yoga teacher, and healer. She also works as a social worker professionally.

The Mothership Portal, a platform primarily developed for women to showcase their distinctive abilities, is produced by Valeria. Additionally, Valeria is a social worker with a licence. She posted videos and pictures from her baby’s gender reveal party on her YouTube account.

She is a huge lover of his faith and a Hindu. The rapper’s family is therefore quite diverse. The two religious groups that make up Bronson’s parents are Jews and Muslims. But he will marry a Hindu. Bronson spoke up for the first time about Valeria in 2017. However, the pair keeps their love lives much more of a secret.

What Valeria Salazar Looks Like Physically

Valeria is an actress from Venezuela who stands 5 feet 7 inches tall.She weighs 66 kg total. She keeps a healthy weight that is appropriate for her height. It is evident that Valeria has a distinctive body shape and superb physical proportions.

Valeria, the wife of Bronson, gave birth to a boy.

Action Bronson and Valeria continue to have a good friendship. The pair doesn’t argue or have any problems. Respect, love, and affection are all shared by the two. Due to their close relationship, Action made the decision to spend the rest of his life with his better half. On November 11, 2019, the couple welcomed a newborn boy as a token of their love and joy. The images of his newborn child were uploaded on Bronson’s social media accounts.

The adorable picture of Bronson’s girlfriend breastfeeding her newborn child was posted. It amply illustrates the joy a new mother has upon giving birth to a child. The couple settled on Benicio as the name for their child. This term, which meaning “benevolent one,” is of Spanish origin. In addition, like his father, Bronson’s son is a mixed-race person.

Action’s partner made the decision to have a natural birth. She chose to birth naturally as a result, without the use of any drugs or medications. The couple had anticipated giving birth in October 2019. They even shared a picture of Valeria’s stomach at that time. But the distribution took place on November 11, 2019. Bronson attended Valerie during her 18-hour labour in order to assist with delivery. Bronson performed a variety of music, including Peruvian flute, during the labour.

The girl who was staying in the Bronx, New York, was connected to Bronson. He had a committed relationship with this girl a few years ago. But the rapper never gave the media her name. Nevertheless, he once claimed that his daughter was black and that her father was from the West Indies. In 2014, Bronson once went to a radio interview with HOT station 97. The 36-year-old presenter at that time inquired about his ex-girlfriend at that time. But he spoke a lot about his children while just answering a few questions about her.

This girl and Bronson were in a long-term relationship. The outcome is that the couple has two kids. Elijah is the youngest son, while Hannah is the oldest daughter.


Valeria Salazar, the rapper’s partner, is the main focus of this. To learn more about Valeria, the social worker, read the entire article.

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