Tokkie Jones
Real Name: Gabriel du Preez aka Tokkie
Birthday: 2002
Net Worth: N/A
Height: N/A

The adoptive son of Die Antwoord is Gabriel Tokkie du Preez. Tokkie Jones walked out in April 2022 and gave an exclusive interview on the difficulties of being a child slave of the partnership comprised of Yolandi Visser and Ninja.

He was just 9 years old at the time of all of the child abuse. Now that he was 20, he wanted to reveal everything to the media in the hopes that similar things do not happen to future youngsters.

Fans of Die Antwoord were outraged by the narrative and what happened to the little boy.

How Things Started

When Tokkie Jones met Ben Crossman, who had been photographing his family when they were residing in Verdedorp, Johannesburg, everything began.

Die Antwoord wanted to include the young child in their songs and music videos after seeing the images. As you could imagine, for a young person growing up in disadvantaged circumstances, that was a promising prospect.

In addition, Gabriel du Preez had a brother. But he was picked ahead of him. He claims it was due to his distinctive appearance. Tokkie has a unique look due to hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, which the music group intended to capitalize on for their brand.

He was adopted by Anri du Toit (Yolandi Visser) and Watkin Tudor Jones (Ninja). According to the interview, they enticed him into a life that was full of incredible adventures for a young person. In order to live a better life, Tokkie Jones’s original mother really urged him to let the musicians take care of him.

When he stabbed his sibling, that was the first event that affected his mental stability. He was made to feel like the devil, so the two urged him to stand up and do whatever he wanted.

Die Antwoord commended him for the stabbing and later used it as the inspiration for a song video.

How Things Escalated

But it was only the start. Tokkie was persuaded further that he had the power to burn people in hell. On phone calls, he was instructed to make satanic threats.

The little child, who is now 20 years old, discussed the ritualistic occurrences in the interview. He was brought to hospitals together with his sister Meise, where blood was extracted. He once got an upside-down cross painted on his forehead as part of a rite.

He and his sister were urged to wear only underpants for some of these religious events. Meisie was repeatedly prodded to get dressed in front of Ninja. In the interview, Tokkie added that sex devices were frequently present. At one point, he said that seeing Yolandi’s bare body wasn’t unusual.

Tokkie Jones spent time with the adoptive family, where he was socialized to be among criminals and trained with weapons. This camp held every kind of weapon you could imagine, according to him. And he killed all of them.

He and his brother were there, along with a few thugs from Cape Town. He became good friends with one of the gang bosses, which was undoubtedly not the best association for a young person.

Speaking about drug misuse, he says that despite being surrounded by individuals who were continuously taking other drugs, he only received cannabis and mushrooms.

The intermediary between Tokkie Jones and Die Antwoord, Ben Jay Crossman, expressed sorrow for holding back until now. According to reports, he had knowledge of certain events, had filed a written declaration, and was prepared to testify against Ninja and Yolandi. He claims that his inability to see what was happening was caused by being caught up in the excitement and illumination.

Tokkie Jones is now concerned about his sister, who, although relocating to live with a different family full-time, is in danger of being raised in the same manner. The musical group still holds adoption rights to her.

He claims to have not seen Die Antwoord in two years, but he does not dislike them. I used to be their child, but everything changed because of what they did, he claims.

His dread of being murdered by his adoptive parents was his greatest worry and one of his worst childhood memories.

Finally, he offers a straightforward question: “If I hadn’t met Die Antwoord, what would my life genuinely have been like?”

Die Antwoord Band

Rappers Watkin Tudor Ninja Jones and Anri Yolandi Visser du Toit make up the musical ensemble. A male and female combo is involved. Their brand is centered on the zef counterculture movement in South Africa.

Their albums and songs have achieved popular success globally, ranking in the top 50 nations in Europe and North America.

Additionally, the best-selling video games in the Far Cry series have used their soundtrack.

In the US, journalists and reviewers routinely inquire about the sincerity of their works of art. Ninja, however, said, “Ninja is, how can I say, as Superman is to Clark Kent,” when asked whether he was portraying a persona. The only distinction is that I don’t remove this stupid Superman outfit.

They are well-known for having a cult following and for the exceptionally frequent production of fan art by their supporters.

Their musical and artistic styles integrate zef cultural components. Zef is characterized as trashy and contemporary, exploiting outmoded, discarded cultural components.

“Zef is, you’re poor but you’re fancy,” declares Yolandi. They sing their lyrics in both English and Afrikaans.

Not Die Antwoord’s First Sexual Allegation

The sexual accusations made against Tokkie Jones by the band Die Antwoord may have startled many fans. But the accusations against the musical group are not the first.

In reality, Australian musician Zheani Sparkes released The Question, a diss tune, in March 2019. He claimed that Jones had molested her in 2013 in South Africa. He drugged her, smuggled her to Africa, and sent Chappie cast members pornographic pictures of her.

She also said that Jones was drawn to her because of similarities between her and his daughter Sixteen Jones, who was 8 at the time. The song’s music video includes text conversations that purportedly depict Jones trying to have an incestuous fantasy with Zheani Sparkes.

Ninja Jones has also been charged with sexual assault by American singer Dionna Dal Monte, who claims the incident took place during a Die Antwoord concert in Padova in 2014.

Taking a Stand for People

Currently, Tokkie Jones and his brother are working to improve the life of their sister. They began by tidying up the residence their mother had left Meisie.

Tokkie Jones frequently discusses the cleaning in her social media postings. He gets money as well as support from others.

He claims he hopes to become a successful actor and model in the future.

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