If you use Twitter regularly, you may have noticed that some accounts share their “Twitter Engagement Circles”. Everyone has friends (or acquaintances) who they spend most of their time with. This is reflected in social media networks. The posted images were created by a web program called Chirpty; which uses the Twitter API. The @Chirpty team was created by @Duiker101.


What Is Chirpty, Exactly?

Chirpty; is a web tool that creates images of the Twitter users you interact with the most. You don’t need to be logged into your Twitter account or have permission to use the platform as it uses public data from the Twitter API.

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However, the results reflect this. Because I interact less with mentions and more DMs, and because I use replies to answer questions from strangers, my third “closest” circle includes people I don’t know well…think about it.

How Can I Discover Who Is Within My Twitter Bubble?

  • Visit;
  • Visit to find out if any spots are available;
  • Your username should go in the blanks;
  • Await Chirpty’s output before downloading your image.

The system generates three circles, sorted by “closer”. There are eight accounts in the first, fifteen in the second, and sixteen in the third.These lists cannot be edited.

Before Chirpty; was downloaded, you could only change the background color.

Looking at the developer’s blog, I noticed that interactions are taken into account, eg B. when one likes, replies or retweets (RT) another user’s content. If other users connect to your account, they will not be counted; however, if other users interact with your account, they will be counted. Each step in the algorithm is assigned a numerical value. “Because retweets are a much greater indicator of involvement,” the engineers noted.

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Free Slots

If you’re trying to access the site and are having trouble queuing for “free hours,” Chirpty; claims it’s because of Twitter’s API limitations that allow the app to request a specific number every 15 minutes after querying Twitter.

Users’ orders will be generated on a first-come, first-served basis to comply with restrictions. But, there is always a way around a problem, and in this case, that means there are seats designated for the so-called Chirpty Hopper, which for the price of $0.99 allows you to avoid the wait.

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