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This tutorial will show you how to upgrade the Ice Staff in Origins, keeping in mind a brief section for obtaining the initial blue plates, gramophone, and finishing the base Ice Staff. Similar to all of my previous aids, this one includes point-by-point screenshots, maps, and other puzzle clues to make things as clear as possible.

It seems appropriate to resume the Ice Staff redesign process now that the remastered version of Origins is available in Zombies Chronicles and since many of you are now playing the Xbox One’s Black Ops 2 version.

In Origins, the Ice Staff is clearly exceptional; it instantly freezes zombies, and seeing them break is incredibly satisfying. Anyway, the base model has an inherent flaw in that when you are assaulted by a large group, frozen enemies wind up obstructing your escape path.

Thankfully, the improved Ice Staff is the finest weapon in the game since its charged strike (or super attack, if you want) creates a massive snowstorm that traps nearby zombies. This assault makes a fantastic camp-site support weapon and an excellent high-round companion.

So let’s start with the fundamental Ice Staff and how to obtain it.

Finding the Ice Staff

Players need 3 pieces, 1 colorful disc, 1 black disc, and the gramophone to obtain the staff, the same as every other staff in Origins. The Ice Staff’s components are BLUE, as is the disc, and the gramophone is required to activate the BLUE portal (Ice Portal).

Placement of Disc

The building next to Generator 2 is often where the blue disc is located. Either on the front table, the rack holding the weapons, or the rack at the back doorway.

Locations of Parts

The Ice Staff upgrade components don’t have any specific locations, but they do have clear prerequisites. Players should hang on until it starts snowing before uncovering the floor’s heaps of rubble. Typically, this entails opening every chapter of the book and using every dig site until you find all three.

Black Disc

To access the bottom level of the excavation site, the Black Disk is used with the Gramophone. It typically occurs in one of three places:

  • The bottom section of the walkway going up to the excavation site is mounted on a box (Generator 2 side)
  • On a box, opposite the excavation site, at the church’s entrance, and on top of the excavation site, next to PaP.


The Gramophone is typically found on the floor, one level down the stairs, inside the main excavation site (dig site). In order to access the mystery sublevel with the Staff sculptures, players must place the Gramophone on the table. A good suggestion is to always open the bottom section of the excavation site and then quickly retrieve the gramophone so you don’t have to go back for it later.

The majority of the Gramophone is located on the floor, one level below the principal excavation site (dig site). To access the hidden below the level containing the Staff figures, players must place the Gramophone on the table. A helpful tip is to generally open the bottom section of the removal site and then immediately retrieve the gramophone so you don’t need to go back for it.

last action

Circle and gramophone should be moved to Generator after you have all the pieces. Follow the blue entrance down the tunnel, but ignore the gramophone on the table. Enter the mad location, take the crystal off the blue pedestal, and then make the blue pedestal again to exit the insane location.

Finally, travel back to the main excavation site, descend to the base level, and assemble the staff using the sculpture.

1. Address the Ice Staff Conundrum

Prepared to enter the blue vortex leading to the mad place with the Ice Staff upgrade. Quickly look aloft and take note of the slabs with blue graphics. Also, take note of the blue picture on the divider.

Use the Ice Staff to fire the appropriate piece on the roof that corresponds to the image on the divider to complete the puzzle. Repeat many times.

2. Fire at the Tombstones

Return to the rest of the world and skip the mad location. With the Ice Staff, fire three gravestones, then shoot again with a regular weapon.

First gravestone

Generator 6 sides of the map, facing excavation site from mud pool (near Soul Box mud pool).

Second gravestone

Mud pit and adjacent Generator 6 Jug area with Soul Box. The tombstone extends over the required distance and is facing away from Jug

Three gravestone

Outside the Generator 2 building’s rear (where there are bundles of mud). Beyond the guide’s maximum search range, look for a nearby gravestone called Robots arm.

3. Set the Gems in Line

To see the roundabout rings drifting above, visit the lower level of the excavation site (where the Staff sculptures are). There are four tones of germs on the sides of each ring. Each ring should be turned so that all of the BLUE gems are lined up.

Pull the switches that are also located on wooden scaffolding stages at the lower level of the excavation site, away from the walkway, etc. to do this. They appear to be switched for electricity.

Use the Ice Staff to fire the blue circle at the lowest portion of the rings once all of them have been assembled, sending it upward and through the rings.

4. Charge the Personnel (Collect Souls)

Finally, use the BLUE entrance to enter the insane area. In the pedestal where you first received the pearl or gem, set the Ice Staff. Kill 2 to 30 zombies nearby right now to charge the staff.

Once finished, have the person sign the updated form, which you can now enjoy!

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