Butterfly Valley

Do you know about Butterfly Valley? It is conveniently close to Lüdeniz and a very well-liked selfie stop for tourists touring the larger Fethiye region. It seems to reason that Butterfly Valley is one of those strange locations that nature has produced that leaves you dumbfounded. The valley is a lush paradise with a beach that is encircled by 350-meter-high rocks that are steep to virtually vertical. The Mediterranean is traversed by a little stream that is created by a waterfall near the valley’s end. Spoiler alert: the valley is named after the many butterflies that reside there. Are you a fan of exploration? A trip can be planned at any time! Visit this unquestionably beautiful location in Turkey and use SocialWick to share your experiences in order to gain a large number of Instagram followers.


Contrary to popular belief, travelling to Faralya, the settlement above the valley is not the best route to get to Butterfly Valley. There is no parking lot or easy access from above, but your journey up will reward you with a beautiful viewpoint. People used to trek down to the valley and beach in the past, but after a few deadly mishaps, officials posted warning signs to discourage or even restrict hiking the path.

Initially, we intended to explain to you both the hiking and boating routes to Butterfly Valley. However, given that the warning sign in the valley makes it quite apparent that doing so is prohibited, we have chosen to adhere to what is permitted in our essay on how to reach Butterfly Valley, Turkey, securely.


  • You can ride a dolmuş (local bus) to Lüdeniz if Faralya is your home base. Buses depart from Kabak every hour from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm during the season (May to October) (and every half hour during peak hours). Don’t forget to use the opportunity to see the scene from above while you are already there. You won’t be sorry!
  • If Fethiye or another nearby city serves as your home base, you may find frequent bus service to Lüdeniz virtually every hour of the day.
  • Once you reach Lüdeniz, there is no need to stress about where to exit the bus. At the water’s edge, the dolmuş always makes a predetermined halt. Where you get off is there.
  • A sign that reads “Butterfly Valley – Shuttle Boat – Kelebekler Vadisi” may be found on the shuttle boat, which you should seek out. Three times a day, the shuttle departs. arriving in Lüdeniz at 11 a.m., 2 p.m., and 6 p.m. It won’t arrive until 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • On board, purchase your ticket. A return ticket costs 50TL per person in 2020.
  • Don’t forget to catch the final shuttle boat out of the valley! It departs at 5:00. You’ll have to request a taxi boat, which is likely to cost you at least 250TL if you don’t make it.


A number of factors contribute to Butterfly Valley’s appeal. This area has remained largely undisturbed since it is, in principle, only reachable by boat. Because there are amenities on site, we say relatively. Along with a sizable camping area, there is a cafe and restaurant. The advantage of this is that you can still have a comfortable day out without having to worry about it.

The valley is a wonderful area to pass the day among the various trees and grapevines while taking in the sea wind. The land and its ecosystem are being protected with great effort on the part of the management. Butterfly Valley is still occasionally overwhelmed with large numbers of visitors since it is a stop on the daily sailing itinerary of the large pirate party boats that depart from Lüdeniz. Although it’s a shortstop, it may be intimidating. Apart from that, you’ll find this region to be tranquil and restful, especially outside of peak season.


There are times when people lament the lack of butterflies. There are still butterflies here; in fact, there are over 80 distinct kinds. The only reasons you might not see any are if you go too early or too late in the year (June is the greatest month for spotting butterflies), or if your group is excessively loud and invasive. We counted at least 50 butterflies on our May visit. Additionally, the waterfall side of the valley is where you’ll find most of the butterflies. Unfortunately, unless you go on a scheduled day excursion, you will need to pay a nominal admission charge to access that area of Butterfly Valley.

Does it merit it? Your expectations and the number of other visitors who are there at the same time as you will determine everything. There is a short route that goes all the way to the waterfall at the end of the valley. If you want to observe the waterfall up close without running the danger of falling off a rock, you will need to wear something more durable than flip-flops, so make sure you wear water-resistant shoes with strong traction. Expect some rock climbing on the latter portion of the ascent to the waterfall; there isn’t a well-maintained trail the entire way up.

Speaking of waterfalls, keep in mind that Kabak is a great place to go waterfall chasing! In any event, if you ask us, Butterfly Valley’s beach area—and more especially, the verdant region just behind it—is its most alluring feature. This makes it a fantastic place to unwind in the shade on a hot day, especially when paired with its remoteness.


Visit our specific website for details on visa requirements, transportation, and other topics. For further advice on travelling in the Kabak, peruse TripAdvisor user reviews. Throughout the season, there is frequent public transportation to Faralya. There are only 3 buses that run there in the winter, so prepare ahead of time! Use our map search to get ideas for destinations and accommodations if you’re seeking for additional things to do in the neighbourhood.

When travelling to Butterfly Valley in Turkey, it’s crucial to keep in mind that time is everything, especially if you want to unwind in the great outdoors. The experience of taking an island tour aboard a pirate ship is very different. Despite its name, there won’t be many butterflies to see outside of June. This site is still the peaceful little paradise it was before it became well-known on social media, though, if you take their shuttle and travel there on a lovely day during the off-season.

Other than that, be sure to watch the time so you don’t miss the final shuttle out of the valley, and if you wish to explore, wear sturdy shoes.

Get in touch with the Lycian Guide if you want the help of a local Culture Routes Society member for your Lycian Way excursions close to Faralya. He will lead you down lovely pathways where you may explore everything of Faralya’s history and natural splendour.

Naturalists will like Faralya and Butterfly Valley. In light of this, we heartily endorse Faralya Botanica as a hotel. Of course, you have the option to consider staying the night in the valley. You might be happier staying at a hotel near the Blue Lagoon in Lüdeniz or Fethiye if you want a piece of the action.

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