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You can discover all the films you desire on a website called Hoodsite which specialises in gore.

These include pictures of torture, murder, and self-inflicted anguish.

Here, you may also find less violent footage of fistfights.

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The main page of the site features all available videos, including the most popular and most recently uploaded ones.

The user may easily decide which movie to view based on the appealing image, insightful title, and succinct description.

Hoodsite Alternative

1. Xfinity Video

Did you know that Xfinity, a well-known company in the cable and internet industries, also has a sizable film library?

Save your time since Xfinity Video is merely a preview of what’s to come.

These movies will be “shocking” to ultra-conservatives, but dull to the rest of us.

YouTube is the place to go if you want to witness entertaining fail videos, celebrity drama, the aftermath of a natural disaster, violent protests, or even explosives.

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2: Leaked Reality

Leaked Reality offers a variety of free videos from unfiltered news sources.

3: Shockgore

On the online movie streaming service Shockgore, you may find anything gruesome.

There are several additional violent movie genres to choose from, including those about war, murder, and other crimes as well as natural calamities and other human misdeeds.

Everyone is welcome to upload their own films to the website.

Each video can include tags, descriptions, as well as comments from users who have seen it.

Even the end users themselves may download or distribute them.

4: Daily Mail

The DailyMail covers a variety of subjects, including politics, pop culture, sports, and technological advancements.

The Daily Mail appears to be in charge of its own content, yet this is untrue.

You’ll immediately see that the website’s Videos section isn’t lacking in anything.

5: The Blood Factory

The Blood Factory is an insane experience that features a wide range of extreme horror movies and a grisly blog to keep you up at night.

To view the website, you need Flash Player 8+ and JavaScript support.

6: WorldStarHipHop

If you ever see a public altercation, you could hear the words “WorldStar!” shouted.

With good reason, WorldStarHipHop is notorious for being a hotbed of public fights.

The most well-liked videos may be found at the top of the page under Trending Now.

If you browse a bit farther down, you will see various music videos.

7: Damaged Corpse

The user interface for Corporation Damage is difficult, and some content hasn’t been adequately screened.

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