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Based on the specific model of fake AirPods, this may change somewhat. However, with these pointers, you ought to be able to determine whether you’ve got the actual thing. First, the white Apple AirPods with their characteristic drop-down stem is easily recognisable. many commuters who are going about their regular work routines wear. When the AirPods first came out, their appearance seemed a touch-off. but is now so beloved and well-liked. Because other companies are copying Apple’s renowned earphone design’s eye-catching stem and general aesthetic. Therefore, you can’t be certain that what you’re buying is real. For instance, imitation AirPods are identical to real ones in appearance and feel. But after doing some research, learn how to distinguish between authentic and fraudulent AirPods.


There are a few distinguishing characteristics of artificial air pods. If they mention AirPods but don’t have the proper logo, first look for the branding. Second, if you paid far less than the suggested retail price, they are undoubtedly phoney. Second, counterfeit AirPods frequently use flimsier components and don’t feel as sturdy as the genuine article. Third, the audio output The sound quality of imitation AirPods is frequently inferior to that of real ones. Fourth, the imitation AirPods could not cling to your ears as securely as the original ones. 6. Verify the battery life. The battery life of fake AirPods is frequently less than that of real ones. 7. Verify the volume control. Some imitation AirPods only function at one volume setting. This indicates that they can be immersed for 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1 metre without being harmed or emitting any sound. Eighth, counterfeit AirPods may advertise waterproofness but lack an IPX certification. Even if there are imitations out there, check the guarantee. Simply said, it is advisable to purchase from a reputable merchant. In order for you to be certain that what you are purchasing is authentic and won’t break after only a few usages.

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How can you tell if AirPods are fake?

By taking a closer look at the item, you can determine if the AirPods are counterfeit. Fake AirPods frequently have a little different shape and finish than the originals. Off-brand AirPods can also lack the apple branding on one of the earphones or have a matte appearance. Because many fakes are sold online, please be cautious while making purchases. Use online marketplaces like eBay, where customers may provide vendor feedback. Examining the box that phoney AirPods arrive it might help you identify them without having to purchase them first.

Because consumers don’t care about quality, off-brand producers produce items that are knockoffs of the originals. And how much such things are worth in comparison to well-known names like Apple. For instance, counterfeit AirPods are inferior to brand-name ones because they lack wireless charging capabilities, requiring you to use your phone’s battery more frequently. Additionally, counterfeit models are constructed of aluminium rather than steel like genuine AirPods.

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Are Fake AirPods any good?

But the fact that airpod knockoffs are frequently more affordable than their authentic counterparts is one of the reasons why so many people purchase them. Because they lack the funds to acquire authentic ones or don’t want to wait for shipment, many buyers buy them. If you decide you really want a legitimate set of AirPods, they may even sell with additional accessories like a charging case and earphones to spare you from having Apple buy everything individually. These AirPods will allow users to activate Siri by double-tapping either side of the headphones. You won’t have to be concerned about leaving your phone behind to send a text message as a consequence.

The gadget should function without being connected to anything else, which is the most crucial factor to keep in mind when determining if your AirPods are unbreakable (like a charger). Instead, you ought to be able to utilise it apart from your device by pairing it wirelessly using Bluetooth. Generic AirPods may not have a battery, in which case they may break down rapidly. Real ones usually feel more substantial. If there are odd small buttons outside the cover rather than merely touch-sensitive pads, it is another red flag. Additionally, check to see that the connection connecting each bud is not readily tangled.

Do fake AirPods still work?

The sound quality is not as excellent as the best AirPods imitations available. However, for some folks, it suffices. Although discussions might not be audible clearly, music is OK. However, Apple has been enhancing Siri, so you can’t use the fake AirPod to ask Siri any questions. Additionally, since artificial air pods lack proximity sensors, your music will play whenever someone approaches you.

A fake pair’s battery life is also much less than that of an authentic pair. They will not last as long as the originals. Depending on how frequently you use them, your charge may last two hours or less. But if you’re purchasing them due to their low cost, two hours is preferable to nothing. These are just a handful of the distinctions between an authentic pair of AirPods and a fraudulent set. By reading the web evaluations, you may quickly determine if you have the real deal or not.

Which AirPods clone is best?

Cheaper clones and finest off-brand AirPods sometimes lack the power necessary for phone conversations, which is a typical cause for concern. As long as you don’t use your phoney AirPods every day, most of them have more than adequate battery life for a whole day. So you shouldn’t have any problems. Furthermore, if you are concerned that your battery may run out before your next charge.

It can be worthwhile to research several top-notch chargers. so that you can ensure the longest possible battery life. She states that my B&O H3 Wireless Headphones are ideal for listening to podcasts as I commute or work from home. Additionally, like wired earphones, since they offer a better sound and are of higher quality. Keep this list in mind as you choose the best pair of AirPods for you, then shop around until you find it.

How to Spot Fake AirPods via the Packaging

The authentic product is packaged in a white, slick box with a front-facing image of a counterfeit airpord and a charging case. It would be worthwhile looking at fake AirPods in the ear if it doesn’t have this on the exterior. Next, contrast that charging case with the one you believe to be yours. There are more discrepancies than simply the earphones themselves if they don’t match. Some unlicensed vendors may print words or logos that are authentic all over the thing. These merchants frequently provide products for less money without providing any Apple guarantees or warranties.

Additionally, several components from the original box, such as carrying cases, lightning cords, and adapters for non-Apple devices, might not be included. Examine the interior of your item before turning it on if you are still not convinced about your purchase after looking at the outside. Usually, a false pair has just one cable. Additionally, these pods may even arrive pre-charged whereas Apple goods do not at all, with one charging pod in place of two sets for each side. Instead of utilising genuine Apple chargers, counterfeiters frequently use generic chargers, which might reduce the battery life of their devices.

Using a website, how can you know if your AirPods are fake?

Use this page to check whether the fake AirPods you have are authentic. These instructions will walk you through using a website that enables you to compare images of your AirPods and an original by placing them side by side. Proximity sensors, the distance between microphones, the metal ring surrounding the touch sensor, and the black dot on one earbud are the main things it looks for. Zoom in as much as you can and pay great attention to certain precise regions to discover these items.

You can notice more detail when you zoom in closer. Additionally, you may purchase stickers from Amazon to make them simpler to identify. Here’s how they ought to appear: Distance Between Microphones: A rectangular box with two short wires connected that serves as a proximity sensor. X-shaped marking Metal Rim Surrounding Touch Sensor – One Earbud Has a Black Dot in a Small Circle. Two overlapping dots Your bogus AirPods are likely fake if any of these are missing or changed from the originals.

Final Thoughts

You may want to take extra precautions if you’re looking for imitation AirPods that seem authentic. Unfortunately, there have been instances of fake AirPods pro being sold online, and it may be challenging to tell a real pair from a fake one. The good news is that you can determine if your AirPods are authentic or not by looking out for several fake telltale indications. Ensure that they arrive in the original, Apple-branded package. An s and an o should be present on either side. Feel the right earpod; it should be heavier than the left. Check any inside packing for scratches on the charging case’s outside surface; it should have contact details like a customer care number and email address. If someone has attempted to eliminate them before bringing them back to their position, this will reveal it.

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