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What will you do if you have a server and want to suggest music to people? Sharing connections occur to you, but it would be too commonplace because everyone would listen at their own pace. Why not listen to something together? Meet the groovy bot for discord in that situation.

What is Groovy?

One method for streaming music online and distributing it to everyone on your Discord Server is Groovy. In contrast to another bot, it supports a variety of music websites and a large number of instructions. It’s easy to get started with Groovy, and you don’t need to register for any services. What else? It is completely free! However, there is still a choice for premium features.

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Why should I use Groovy?

  1. among the most reliable music bots for Discord.
  2. No sign-up necessary
  3. Easy to use and without lag
  4. includes a variety of features, such as the ability to alter the output volume of the bot.
  5. supports a variety of audio effects, including Vaporwave, Night Core, and Bass Boost.

How can I add Groovy?

The groovy bot is really simple to add to your Discord server. Just carry out the steps.

groovy bot

Step 1: visit the Groovy bot website.

Step 2: On the website, select “Add to Discord” from the menu.

Step 3: Subsequently, provide Groovy access to your Discord account.

Step 4: Congratulations, Groovy has been successfully added to your Discord server. Begin listening now!

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How to use Groovy Bot?

A groovy bot is easier to operate than you would imagine; you can check out the tutorials the developers have published on using Groovy. Let’s walk through the steps now:

Step 1: you must join a voice channel before utilising the Groovy.

Step 2: Next, instruct Groovy to play a song by using the -play command.

Step 3: The music bot will instantly join your voice channel and begin playing the song you specified as soon as you input the command.

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How to Play Spotify music with Groovy Bot?

Due to Groovy’s user-friendly interface, playing Spotify on it is really simple. Groovy makes it simple to play music via Spotify.

Step 1: Launch Spotify and choose the song you want to use Groovy to play.

Step 2: After that, select More, select Share, and then copy the playlist URL.

Step 3: At this point, launch your Discord server and paste the link after the -play command.

Step 4: Enjoy the music!

List of Groovy Bot Commands

Groovy can be used for a variety of operations, including playing, stopping, restarting, and switching songs. Simply execute the following instructions to take control of your music:

groovy bot

  • Music should begin playing or be added to the queue: [Link or Search Term]
  • Play the downloadable file: -play the.mp3
  • Join the bot by typing -join.
  • reveals the queue –queue
  • To the next song: -next
  • Back up: -back
  • Deletes every track in the queue: -clear
  • to the selected track with a skip: -jump [track title or position]
  • displays the song’s lyrics when it is playing: -lyrics
  • Stop the video: -pause
  • -resume resumes playback
  • The requested track is taken out of the queue: [Track position or title] should be removed.
  • clears the queue and disconnects the bot from your voice channel:
  • disconnect
  • songs in the queue are randomly chosen: -shuffle
  • Information about the chosen track in the queue is displayed. Song [song]


So that’s how we looked at the Groovy Music bot. It’s one of the finest resources for music fans and may improve community engagement. Everyone enjoys music, so why not enjoy it together?

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