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Sharon Gibenini is the ex-wife of an American pornographic film actor. They were childless during their 19-year marriage, as she suffered three miscarriages in her early years with John Holmes.

Sharon is a nurse by profession, and her salary enables her to support herself and her husband. Additionally, Sharon and her husband manage a number of apartments. Health: Sharon Gibenini has cancer, has just had a radical mastectomy and is finishing chemotherapy. Her physical condition may explain why she manages the apartment instead of working as a nurse in the hospital.

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her husband

Sharon Gibenini’s husband joined the US military at age 15; he served three years in the military before leaving for Los Angeles, California. While in Los Angeles, Sharon’s husband worked various jobs at a Coffee Nips factory, including door-to-door sales and ambulance driver.


John’s career as a porn actor began in the late 1960s when he met a photographer who saw his huge penis in a urinal and told him he could make a lot of money off it. Sharon’s husband started modeling for adult magazines.

He got his breakthrough in adult acting when he appeared in an adult series. The series was successful, and Sharon’s husband was asked to produce more adult content. John has appeared in other films including Deep Throat, Behind the Green Door and Flesh from the Lotus.

Sharon Gibenini’s husband made a lot of money in the porn industry, but he wasted it on cocaine and loitering. During his career in the sex industry, John had sex with more than 14,000 women.

Despite being a porn king, Sharon’s husband works with drug dealers and sells drugs for the Wonderland Gang. His involvement with the gang killed four people, and when he confessed to his wife, Sharon Gibernini, that he was present at her murder, making him an accomplice.

Sharon Gebenini

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Sharon Gibenini’s husband died on March 13, 1988 at the age of 43 from complications of AIDS.

How She Got Married

Sharon Gibini met John in December 1964; at the time, she was working as a registered nurse at USC County Hospital. The following year, on August 22, the two were married in Fort Zodiac, California. Throughout their marriage, Sharon Gibenini’s husband kept saying his penis would make him famous and would be his life’s work. Sharon walked over him several times, measuring the size of his penis.

After Marriage: Exist

Years later, Sharon’s husband met 15-year-old Dawn Schiller and a relationship began. Dawn’s parents had separated by then and lived with their father, who liked to move around. Once Dawn Schiller departed, he became reliant on Sharon Gibenini’s husband.

When Sharon Gibenini sees what Dawn is going through, she accepts her, and despite Holmes betraying her, she begins to fall in love with her, and their relationship is like that of a mother and daughter. To her, Dawn is like a daughter, and considering their relationship, she advises her not to do what her husband did to Dawn.

Sharon givingini is a kind and caring person. It is regrettable that she is childless.She died in October 2012 at the age of 69.

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