Dewey Francis Foley

Let’s prepare to fight! I binge-watched World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) programmes including Tag Team, Smackdown, and Royal Rumble when I was younger. Like the majority of you, I’m sure. Yet tenacious individuals working tirelessly to deliver you top-notch work are behind this legendary programme.

Dewey Francis Foley is an example of a future genius. You are probably furrowing your brows in perplexity at this point. What about Dewey Foley?

Personal Life

Holy Foley! (2016), WWE Smackdown! (199), and Biography: WWE Legends are three films that have made Dewey Francis Foley a household name (2021).

On February 20, 1992, Dewey was born to Mick Foley, a legend, and his wife, Collette Christie. In case you weren’t aware, the parents are well-known figures in the WWE wrestling business. He was reared in Long Island, New York, where he was born.

Dewey Francis, Michael Francis “Mickey” Jr., Hughie Francis, and Noelle Margaret are his three siblings.

The Career of Dewey

Dewey Foley would be the face of the term “fan” if it had one. The little boy got access to the wrestling business growing up in a household of WWE champions. But even without money or connections, Dewey has shown to be a talented artist. For instance, at the age of three, he pushed for Terry Funk to appear in the greatest wrestling promo ever produced.

Dewy began his profession by publishing his own work online. And if it got Triple H’s eye, as it did, it was definitely something to devour. Dewy then began presenting some of his concepts to the creative team, and soon after that, he was employed by WWE in 2015 as a creative writer’s assistant. He formally joined the artistic group in January 2016.

Dewey and his father, Mick Foley, made an appearance in an episode of “Holy Foley!” in 2016 on the WWE Network. The latter was in Stamford, Connecticut, visiting the WWE headquarters.

Dewey Foley occasionally appeared as Mr. Bootyworth on WWE SmackDown before switching to a backstage job. skits for New Day.

He swiftly ascended the creative ladder due to his impressive talent, and it is believed that he was a driving influence behind the WWE 205 Live segment. Also, he is one of the best writers for WWE 205 Live, which is broadcast on the WWE Network every Friday at 10 p.m. After seeing everything that happens on Fox’s SmackDown, you may watch it right away.

The Covid-19 epidemic forced a break in the presentation, but we expect to see more of his work soon.

In the Know…

Dewey Foley voted for President Barack Obama, in case you were wondering. The creative celebrity posted on Twitter, gushing about how thrilled he was to have contributed to change. Then, he received a personal response from Barack Obama thanking him for casting a ballot and contributing to the inescapable change.


Dewey Foley has been under fire for allegedly relying on his father’s restrictions in order to succeed, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He has put in exemplary effort to make a reputation for himself in the WWE wrestling business. He may not have employed physical strength, but his intellect surely carried out the task.

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