Daisy Drew

Who is Daisy Drew?

A 23-year-old YouTuber named Daisy Drew was born in Glasgow, Scotland. She is the owner of the channel @Itsmedaisydrew on YouTube. She created the content with the intention of raising money to pay off her parents’ mortgage. Each year, she earns about $1 million from her material on OnlyFans. She utilises this revenue to support her education and travel.

Daisy Drew

A 23-year-old Scottish model and social media celebrity named Daisy Drew makes money via Instagram as well. She was persuaded while working as an intern at Young Professionals in Glasgow, United Kingdom, and went to Kelvinside Academy. She is active on a variety of social media sites, including Snapchat, Tiktok, YouTube, and OnlyFans. Her social media accounts boast a respectable number of followers.

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Daisy Drew Age:

In 1999, Daisy Drew was born in Glasgow, United Kingdom. A 23-year-old model named Daisy celebrates her birthday with her loved ones. She is primarily of White ethnicity. Her zodiac sign has not been revealed. She adheres to Christian tradition.

Daisy Drew

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Daisy Drew Height:

She is a daring, gorgeous, and seductive model. Her physique is quite gorgeous. She enjoys a lot of support from the younger generation. She has doll-like beauty! She looks like a doll. She is about 5’6″ tall and weighs about 55kg. She has dark brown hair and stunning blue eyes. Everyone is astounded by her alluring body form. Her body is slender and in good condition. Her measurements are 32-24-34.

Daisy Drew

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Daisy Drew Family:

She was raised by her family in Glasgow, Scotland, where she was born, and now she lives happily with them in London. Socially, she hasn’t said much about her family. Sean, her sibling, is 29 years old. Sean began generating money on OnlyFans from his profile, inspiring her sister to create an account so they could both benefit from the lucrative OnlyFans hot material.

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Daisy Drew Education:

Scottish model Daisy finished her education and received her bachelor’s degree from a private university. Regarding her schooling, nothing else is known.

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Daisy Drew Boyfriend/Relationship:

She is less interested in sharing details about her personal life than other social media stars. She is committed to accomplishing her goals and does not currently have a partner. She prefers to keep things private and will provide information about her lover when the time is right.

Daisy Drew

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Daisy Drew Career:

She has long worked in the entertainment sector and has modeled for a number of companies. She has a sizable fan base that is willing to buy the goods she sells via her online accounts. The young men enjoy buying her items since they are appealing and simple to use.

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Daisy Drew’s Net Worth:

She has mostly derived her income from her social media presence. Her estimated net worth is in the neighborhood of $800,000 to $1 million USD.

Daisy Drew

Daisy Drew Instagram:

She has a profile on Instagram with the username @daisyy.drew. In June 2021, she began her Instagram adventure. Her brash and sassy images and videos went popular on Instagram, where she first found recognition. Her bikini shot and lingerie photos were adored by her young followers. On her Instagram (IG) account, she has a following of more than 324k users.

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Daisy Drew YouTube:

Daisy, who first found success on Instagram, launched her YouTube account on January 2, 2022. She has uploaded eight times thus far. After the success of her debut video, “Burning 10,000 Calories in 12 Hours Challenge,” she began to publish more similar films. On her YouTube account, @Daisy Drew, she has more than 3.65k followers.

Daisy Drew OnlyFans:

She is one of the OnlyFans’ most well-known faces. Daisy has made a sizable sum of money from her sizzling material as an OnlyFans model. Sean, her brother, shoots her videos. To collect money for her father’s home debt, she started making movies on this site. Her family supported her decision, and she decided to share the content on OnlyFans. Through their films and other alluring sizzling content, Daisy and her brother Sean have helped raise more than $ 2 million.

Daisy Drew

Daisy Drew Facts:

  • She is a rising fashion icon on social media.
  • On each of her social media channels, she has a sizable fan following.
  • She has a lovely personality and a strong, sexy physique.
  • She likes to travel and discover the wonders of the globe.
  • Her followers show how much they adore her by liking, commenting, and sharing her social media posts.
  • She updates her social media profiles frequently with new stuff.
  • She creates fascinating material compared to other influencers, which distinguishes her individuality from others.
  • She consistently uploads videos to IGTV and engages with her fans well.
  • On her social media, she posts about her own travels.
  • She adores animals.

FAQ Daisy Drew

What is the relationship status of Daisy Drew?

She is not yet married, in a relationship, or single.

What is the age of Daisy Drew?

She was aged 23 in 2022 and was born in 1999.

What is Daisy Drew’s zodiac sign?

Her zodiac sign has not yet been determined.

What is the height of Daisy Drew?

She stands at 5 feet 6 inches.

Where does Daisy belong to?

She was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland.

What is the net worth of Daisy Drew?

The net worth in 2022 will be between $800,000 and $1,000,000 USD.

When is Daisy Drew’s birthday?

The day of her birth is November 1, 1999.

What is Daisy Drew Tiktok Id?

Daisy is her Tiktok user ID. drew, who has 490K+ fans.

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