Do you want to know how to earn money easily by hosting guests on Airbnb? You are not alone yourself.

Many Americans have seized the chance to use this platform to earn outrageous sums of money.

And that is what 10XBNB wants to make feasible for everyone.

A starbounder scheme called the 10XBNB system assists people like you in making money from Airbnb hosting.

They’ve created a ground-breaking technique dubbed “bed flipping” that they believe will assist nascent entrepreneurs in creating 6-figure AirBnB enterprises.

We’ll examine the 10XBNB program’s features in this review and give you the lowdown on whether or not you should subscribe.

Read on!

What can you learn from the 10XBNB system?

The 10XBNB method is a guide for setting up and scaling a straightforward three-step strategy that anybody can use to generate passive revenue on Airbnb.

The Perfect Host System’s objective is to assist you in using Airbnb to create 100% of your monthly revenue, allowing you to quit working and begin living.

The three components of this 10XBNB Perfect Host System are as follows:

1: Bed-flipping

Learn how to leverage other people’s properties to profit from Airbnb in this first section.

Consider it like this:

Whether they are here for business or pleasure, people are constantly seeking excellent locations to stay over the weekend. Some people are even ready to spend the top price for a luxury stay.

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As a property manager and “host,” you might earn a tonne of money if you can locate a homeowner willing to rent out their house while they’re away.

Now, flipping a bed isn’t really a novel idea; people have been doing this kind of thing for years. But the 10XBNB founders have created a fantastic, tested procedure.

2: Retail arbitrage

Next, you’ll discover everything there is to know about AirBnB’s retail arbitrage.

Retail arbitrage is a simple wager in which you rent a home or apartment from one landlord and then re-rent it to a different renter for more money.

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It is fundamentally a risk-free method of real estate investing because there is no requirement for a down payment or mortgage repayment.

The main lesson you’ll learn from 10XBNB is how to boost your earnings in this kind of business by x3 or x6. Among other things, you’ll learn how to discover and vet homes and renters as well as how to utilise a contract and deal with problems like late payments and noise complaints.

3: Ownership

If you’ve previously made some excellent money with the previous ones or have enough funds (at least $50,000), this is the stage you should do.

You can obtain their exclusive guide on acquiring properties at a bargain price here. This comprises:

  • A straightforward process for locating AirBnB homes with the potential for significant profits, even if you don’t reside nearby.
  • How to utilise Airbnb to locate amazing prices on rental houses is thoroughly explained.

How does 10XBNB work?

You may be asking how the 10XBNB program operates at this point.

Choosing the appropriate bundle for you is the first step.

Would you want to let their professionals handle everything while you remain hands-off? Or would you want to take a more active part in the process?

There are basically three choices to consider:

Basic Package: The “do-it-yourself” bundle is another name for it. This is ideal for people who are already familiar with the business concept and are familiar with all the steps involved in the process.

VIP Package: The “done-with-you” option is this. This one gives you most of the advantages of the DIY package in addition to a significant boost from having a team of experts at your side at every turn.

Diamond Package: It has all the benefits of each package, but it’s truly a comprehensive done-for-you solution that enables you to enjoy all the advantages of house flipping without having to perform any work at all.

Once you’ve decided on a package, all that’s left to do is register, pay the cost, and wait for your designated 10XBNB coach to get in touch with you.

Negative and Positive  the 10XBNB program’s components


1) No prior experience is necessary to join. There are no set standards you must meet in order to join, and you don’t even need to have a certain credit score.

2) Neither prior AirBnB nor real estate investing experience is required. Through their seminars held in person and training videos, you may learn all you need to know (which are included in your membership).

3) The instruction that 10XBNB offers is thorough and beneficial. The program includes instructions on how to identify bargains, bargain with sellers and homeowners, get past potential lenders who might not want to fund your deals, and much more.

4) The software is highly versatile and adaptable.

5) The business is acclaimed for its fantastic student support and customer service.


1) If you want to get your Airbnb business off to a good start, you’ll need to have some funds upfront.

2) The Airbnb market is really cutthroat.

What’s the price of the 10XBNB packages?

So, as we’ve seen above, there are three distinct packages available for the 10XBNB product: Diamond, VIP, and Basic.

Let’s look at the features and pricing for each bundle, starting with the cost:

  • Diamond Package: $30,000
  • VIP Package: $15,000
  • Basic Package: $7,000

When you sign up for their program, they won’t charge you any ongoing fees; instead, all of their tools are yours to use at no further cost for the rest of the time!

Is Airbnb a profitable way of making money?

Tourism is being replaced by Airbnb. The sector is now worth $30 billion and is expanding by 20% annually. Additionally, Airbnb will increase its size.


owing to decentralisation There is a lot of money to be earned if you invest early in the firm since the more people who use Airbnb, the more houses will become available for rent.

This also implies that there will be more rivalry, which is why you need a cutting-edge strategy to set yourself apart from the competitors and claim your share of the market—a strategy like 10XBNB’s Perfect Host System.

10XBNB Review – The Bottom Line

Definitely, 10XBNB fulfills its promises.

Two people who have made millions renting on Airbnb for the past five years and are very knowledgeable about the industry designed the method.

I’d heartily suggest it to anyone wishing to generate passive income with no work or prior knowledge of the real estate sector.

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