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Let me begin by issuing a fair warning: if you have a weak stomach, go immediately. The top gore websites on the internet will then come into play.

The adjective “cheesy” may be a little deceptive. The term “cheesy” connotes kitschy and overly sentimental content. There are enough gore websites on the public web, so we’ll try to stick to the grotesque and disturbing.

The internet was never cleaned. So, while I try to give you a dosage of the gore at these 10 horrifying gruesome websites, close the doors, draw the curtains, and click the mouse.

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  1. BME: Body Modification Ezine

Tattoo art is essentially a 21st-century subcultural movement, with locations ranging from the streets of New York to the alleyways of Nanjing. Some people, though, may take it a step farther and transform their bodies into walking canvases.

More than 14000 movies and 3.5 million photographs about submitting your body to needles, ink, and pins have been collected by BME. It is an authoritative source of ceremonial piercing, scarification, and tattooing.

According to the website, they are a unique subculture and community created by and for persons with disabilities.

For someone who despises the sight of needles, the tattoo details and body alterations on the website aren’t far from total gore. The body piercings and tattoo art on the site may be mild for others. This graphic website has certain sections that require a membership.

  1. The Damaged Corpse

Perhaps the purity of dolls has been destroyed for you by films like Annabelle and Curse of Chucky. This website is just another knife cut. Although the website is in French, the visuals communicate in the common language of “holy creeps!”

Fran├žoise Duvivier is a marvelously (and horrifyingly) imaginative artist who employs mixed media to bring her artistic statement to life.

Here is a quick profile of her, but click on the title to see some of her original and spooky artwork.

  1. Bloody Disgusting

There are websites that stream movies, and then there are websites like Bloody Disgusting that broadcast horror films. Everything related to gore is included on the entertainment website for horror aficionados. To stay up with horror films and television, start with the editorials and articles. Then watch video trailers for forthcoming television programs and video games. Finalize it with one of their terrifying podcasts Creepy, which features urban legend tales.

Do not interpret the domain name literally. This part of the internet is incredibly spooky but entertaining.

  1. Bongcheon-Dong Ghost

Before starting the horror webcomic, read the warning on the screen. The South Korean webcomic was launched in 2011, and since its inception, it has held up well. The graphic novel is an urban ghost story with unexpected turns and required jump scares that might not be suitable for those with weak stomachs.

The Vault of Horror: A Collection of Nightmares has additional spooky animated tales that you may explore after watching this well-known episode.

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  1. Hashima Island

This eerie location may be one you recognise from the James Bond movie “Skyfall.” This Google Street View image of the deserted island still exudes a sense of dread. The eerie background music enhances the atmosphere. Use your mouse to navigate the island as you discover more about life during the era of intensive coal mining.

Additionally, you may look into it on the Google Arts and Culture website. It’s fascinating that this island is just one of the 505 that the Nagasaki Prefecture has abandoned.

  1. Programming Language Inventor Or Serial Killer

Turn your need for corny terror into an opportunity to expand your knowledge of trivia. The screenshot up top says it all. So take the test to see if you can tell a serial hacker from a code hacker.

For other ways to pass the time online, don’t forget to look at More Stuff on the website.

  1. Death Date

If you take it too seriously, this website may win the award for the best gore site ever. Who would want to know a person’s date of death?

It’s a fun website, and I assume the algorithm accounts for any addictions you may have when estimating your death age. The site displays your death date in three modes: neutral, optimistic, and pessimistic.So choose what appeals to you and quench your sick curiosity.

Take the presumed date, though, and begin enjoying life to the fullest if you’re serious about it.

  1. Scary for Kids

Adults need a lot of persuasions to go for corny terror. However, children are compelled by them and like getting goosebumps. So let’s wrap out our list with a kid-focused “horror” website.

It could feel unsettling for children to visit Scary for Kids. But attempt to determine whether any of the tales, films, or spooky images send chills down your spine. It is okay to sit in front of the monitor with your kids because I couldn’t see any blood or gore.

Perhaps a storytelling session at night would be more effective.

  1. Nightmare Machine

Is it possible for artificial intelligence to provide the finest gore? The MIT Media Lab transforms conventional faces and locations into spooky ones using algorithms. After that, you get to vote on them to create your own gallery.

The Halloween project is an entertaining way to observe AI in action, but it’s also possible that it’s a test to determine if technology can create “fear.” I believe it can.

  1. 2Sentence Horror

No time to go through the graphic websites and bloody videos? Check out these short horror stories that will still make you shiver. You can submit your own entries by following the instructions for the monthly contests held on the subreddit. The tales with the most votes win.

One of the winning tales is seen in the screenshot above.

Some of the cheesy gore that may be seen online

I decided to take a break while I was ahead.To be honest, these ten graphic websites just scratch the surface of the gore that can be found online. The dark side of the internet, however, is not for the faint of heart.

Some websites wouldn’t have passed muster with our family-friendly readers or the most liberal censor.

It starts a discussion on the risks of having disgusting gore available online. If your preference is still in cheesy horror and filthy gore, there are more than enough weird websites.

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